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Initial announce of the RULE project

This is my message to the Red Hat Enigma list in which I announced RULE:


Following the discussions on the Red Hat Enigma list, I am happy to announce the start of the RULE project:

Run Up2date Linux Everywhere

The first purpose of the project is to create a Red Hat Linux installation option which requires less than 32 MB of RAM, optimized
to run server or basic SOHO applications on very limited hardware.

Even users of others distribution, however, can help and benefit of this project (see FAQ). Target users are:

  • Everybody (particularly in developing countries) who can afford only old computers unable to run the current Free desktop environments and productivity applications.
  • System administrators and power users who don’t need eye candy, but pretend full functionality without being forced to hardware upgrades

The temporary home page, which explains in more detail what we want to do, why, how, and how you can help, is reachable at … The permanent web address will be communicated as soon as I’ve solved my problems with cvs. It will also be better formatted, of course. The project mailing list is already up and running, however.

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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