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The RULE project software archive, November 2002

(Note: 2010/10/25: the software utilities mentioned below are now in the Software category of this website, please signal in a comment here if you find some broken link)

This is the directory of all the software developed for the RULE project and/or made available by its members. Most of the utilities listed here should be reusable, with little or no changes, even outside of the project, and on any *nix platform. Please report any dead link/fedback to rule @ If you know any application with low RAM and CPU needs, or any trick to reduce resource usage, please signal them at the same address.

The RULE installers: Miniconda and Slinky

These two programs, developed by M. Fratoni, are the first pieces of the RULE project, those who make a Red Hat install on less than 32 MB of RAM possible. The installers are available in the download area (or will be shortly, please be patient)

The RULE application database

The ideal complement to the DAn script presented below (as a online front-end).

DAn: the Distribution ANalyzer

A Perl script that helps to:

  • figure out the minimum set of RPM giving certain end user functionalities
  • Evaluate the quality of a set of RPM packages

  • Popfilter

    A small Perl script that cancels on POP3 server all uninteresting messages from mailing list ( NOT spam!) before fetchmail can waste time (and money) downloading them. Includes Mutt macros for driving it.


    A Perl script which converts to PHP pages plain text files in “technical format” as generated by the (required) tinytf Emacs mode that comes with Jari Aalto’s Tiny Tools. With respect to Jari’s own t2html script, t2php plans to support merging of dynamic with static content , includind calls to CGI scripts and php/mysql database queries.


RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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