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emeLFM: A simple, two-pane file manager

emelFM is a file manager that implements the popular two-pane design. It features a simple GTK+ interface, a flexible filetyping scheme, and a built-in command line for executing commands without opening an xterm. The rpm package of emelfm available in the RULE download area is, as far as I know, the first one available for Red Hat 8.0. Much more important, it is also the first attempt from me (Marco) to do RPM packaging. PLEASE remember that when installing and using it. I am currently using emelfm on my own machine, and nothing exploded yet. The only change I made to the spec file was to remove support of messages in different languages, because I wanted to see what was the minimum achievable size. The spec file and the patch that I used, together with the source RPM that I obtained, are available in the download area. Please DO have a look at the spec file and patch, and let me know everything that I did wrong, forgot, or that could have just been made in a better way. Thanks!

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