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Other organizations working to reduce the Digital Divide

There are a lot of organizations working to make Free SW really accessible to privates, professionals, schools, NPOs and developing countries with a null or very low budget. Please signal them to Marco to have them listed here. The list below is by no means complete, it is simply a mention (in more or less random order) of the organizations which, after an initial direct contact with RULE declared that they would evaluate its software, somtimes with quotes from the messages I got from them. If you can help these organization, please contact them directly (any error or omission in the list is only my fault (Marco), please signal them immediately).

- American College of Clinical Engineering : One of (many) projects is to provide on older PCs a free medical equipment management software package (inventory, work orders, equipment history, etc.). An excellent candidate would be AEMS/MERS but, unfortunately, it is written in MUMPs and not ported to Linux yet. If anybody can help, please contact Paul Sherman, Paul.Sherman at the server . Once ported, RULE volunteers to keep current the RPM version of the package
- FAIR: Fair Allocation of Infotech Resources
- Linux Pakistan
- NPO Techs
- VUM: Association for the support of humans
- JHAI Foundation
- Stock Yard computers( : “I run a nonprofit computer training and access center in a low income community in Cleveland … since RULE is (about making) old systems usable for poor people, maybe some of us who struggle daily with this problem can help, even if we can’t write a lick of code … I’m interested in helping the project because we’d like to figure out how to make (486 and P60-100) more useful” – William M Callahan
- Open Source Schools: “Dear Marco, Your installer project looks reasonable and useful. How far along are you? .. We’d love to hear more about your plans if you’d be willing to share them”. (David Bucknell – Editor, Open Source Schools — a Schoolforge member)

RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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