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The RULE network: how to get a RULE CD via normal mail

A lot of users without state of the art hardware also have slow and/or unreliable/expensive Internet connections. Since the RULE ISO image is grown to (as of 2003/06/29) about 60 MB, and even the tarball of scripts to build them is about 27 MB, downloading them from a dialup connection is not really an option.

To make RULE available also to these users, Ingo Lantscher of VUM has proposed the creation of “a yellow-mail-network for the Slinky-CD-ROMs”, in other words a network of “human-beings, who help this project by just burning CD-ROMs on request of end-users, packing them and sending them by normal mail, or whatever is used in the specific region for transportation”. Think to it as the “six degrees of separation” theory applied to RULE. The following is a list of people who have agreed to burn RULE ISOs and deliver them in the specified areas. Many of them can also provide other Free Software CDs: just ask them to get a list.

How to become a RULE network member

If you wish to be added to this list, just send an email with the subject “RULE network volunteer” to, specifying name, email, and to which region of which country you can deliver the CDs. The more members in each country, the better!


A question mark in the contact field means that RULE has had contacts with potential members, but they haven’t confirmed participation yet: check regularly this for new additions. RULE has no direct control over the members of this list: we just collect their names and make them available. Contact them directly to have a CD sent to you. Remember than in most cases you have to pay expenses: CD and postage. In case this weren’t clear yet, the people below are unpaid volunteers, who are willing to help other people to get useable Free Software. Do not:

  • be rude
  • get upset if they say “sorry, can’t afford more CDs for a few weeks”
  • forget to ask in your area who has a broadband connection and is willing to do the same
  • forget to tell when you do receive a CD in this way: we like to know how this initiative works

The RULE Network (June 2003)

(Replace the comma with the “at” character to get the email address)

    • Congo: ingo, (VUM)
    • Nigeria: iogochukwu,
    • Uganda: wire, (Linux Solutions)
    • Zambia: ingo, (VUM)
  • ASIA
    • Dubai: prabhags,
    • India: anima,
    • India: fred,
    • India: skumar2k15,
    • India/Kerala: bijumk, (Lug PMNA)
    • India (except Andaman or Nikobar Island, Lakhsadeep): info, (LinuxJunkies)
    • Pakistan: tariq, (Linux Pakistan)
  • Europe
    • Austria: ingo, (VUM)
    • Bosnia Herzegovina: bh, (ULK)
    • France (Lyon): aldil,
    • Germany: chr_rossi,
    • Greece: board, (HEL.L.U.G.)
    • Macedonia: info, (LUG Macedonia, english website)
    • Ireland: ruleproject,
    • Ireland: ruleproject,
  • Central and South America
    • Brazil/Minas Gerais: dtygel,
    • Colombia: jbaptiste, (Merlinux)
    • Ecuador: info, (NUEVARED)
    • El Salvador: rpaiz, (Simpaticus)
    • Guatemala: rpaiz, (Simpaticus)
    • Honduras: rpaiz, (Simpaticus)
RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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