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RULE PROJECT Task assignments, August 2003

Assigned tasks

  • Project Leader and Speaker: currently, myself (Marco Fioretti, rule at rule-project dottorg, “elected” on the Red Hat enigma list)
  • Web master: me, (Marco) currently, with the assistance of Michael Fratoni, and Rodolfo Paiz
  • Online application database: for details about this subproject, please read its page in the Docs section. Developer: M. Fioretti
  • Installer subproject coordinator: M. Fratoni

Official Installation test team

Coordinator Wanted: must define test benches, and guarantee that regression tests are run when new installer versions come out. Can be anybody with a spare old computer to torture, and enough bandwidth to download isos or upgrades for it regularly (not us poor 56K guys…)

Pending tasks

  • Translators: The new web pages now have a structure supporting a multi-language site. If you feel like translating the web pages in other languages, please contact Marco.
  • Documentation coordinator: eventually we will have to put together some howto explaining how to get started on a PC with our package selection aboard. The real thing is not urgent, but we should start soon to at least draft an index, or a collectin of internet links, etc… Translation of this will also be needed
  • Package configurators: probably needed only for some applications. They should figure out and maintain the rc file that adds the most functionality to the assigned application, interacting as much as possible with the program developers

What else?

If you think that some other task require a responsible, please send any suggestion to the mailing list…. In the meantime, there is a lot to do in the RULE project:

  • Test the installers: the more testers, the better: see the testing corner
  • Add as many data as possible to the RULE software MAP
  • Put as much stuff as you can in the project WIKI
  • Make a list of pointers to all the existing online documentation about anaconda, including unofficial examples of how to do a custom distro, etc.
  • Translate the web pages, at least the non technical ones that we might want to show to some school principal:see guidelines on the website
  • Make a small cute icon saying “This is a RULE application”, “This application RULEs” or something like that, so that we can distribute it to the maintainers of all the applications we choose, and they can link to us from their home page
  • Contact charities, UNESCO… any association which helps children in the third world. Usually, I (Marco) take care of this, so if you know some of these organizations, just send to me their URL/email address, and an explanation of what they do. Of course, if you want to tell them about RULE yourself you are welcome, but please send copy of the message to me too.
RULE = Run Up to Date Linux Everywhere
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