[RULE] Bug in slinky v0.3.97b vumbox?

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at vum.at
Thu Feb 19 12:23:32 EET 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 08:05:22 +0100, M. Fioretti <m.fioretti at inwind.it> 

> In the meantime, I have tried to install the latest
> slinky-v0.3.97b-vumbox iso image for Red Hat 9 on a laptop. I have
> noticed that:
> 1) It doesn't check before if there is enough disk space (installation
> crashed eventually for this reason)
> 2) It seems to ignore package choices: I did not select sendmail and
> cups the second time, yet they are being installed anyway.

Hi Marco,

no, I do not have subscriptionprobelm with The Rule List. I got your mail 
through the list.

Regarding the above:

ad 1.) Ok, we did not bother about this problem yet, because we know, how 
much space our choices will need and we check the PCs before anyway - so 
we know the size of the HD. But you are right, that this would be a good 
and usefull addition, to check before. (Btw. minimum is abaout 850 MB)

ad 2.) That's interesting, I also have seen this behavior but I thought 
that "some" sendmail (the client part or what ever) is always installed. I 
am still not so familar with sendmail, that I can tell if such a Client 
part even exists - thinking about it know, I would say it does *not* 
exist. Regarding cups, may be that it is installed in any case, for the 
moment I do not have fresh installed machine at hand.

> Can this be fixed *during* the installation, ie patching by hand some
> scripts right after boot with this same ISO? Consider that on an old
> laptop you have cdrom *or* floppy, and network installs are not
> possible here now...

Just for clarification: The vum-box differs from Slinky on what it is 
based (in this case Slinky 0.3.97) only in the way that:

* it has much more Software *available* on the ISO, but this SW is NOT 
installed by the script (because downloading in Congo is not possible). 
You have to follow the instructions in the 
vumadd/doku/vumbox-handbook.sxw/pdf to install it.
* some choices during installation are predifined through slinky.config
* a script postinst.sh is called

I did not change a single line in Michaels Slinky-Scripts - I feel not 
capable of understandig such compex scripts, so I do not touch them.

The above two points seem to be something from or for the original 
Slinky-scripts  - please correct me if I am wrong.

As soon as we get a new Slinky with patches/additions I can make a new 
vum-box.ISO, and now I have server here, which can host the ISO. But I 
will leave Vienna on the 10th of March for an other stay in Congo, and I 
do not know how good the connection will be when I am there.

Ok, bye for today, and Marco, I am happy to have you here again :-) Ingo.

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