[RULE] Which scripts to use to create RULE ISO?

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at vum.at
Thu Feb 19 16:18:16 EET 2004

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:38:20 +0100, Marco Fioretti <m.fioretti at inwind.it> 

> I must confess that, after some months away from RULE, I don't remember
> how to use/customize them. Michael (or anybody else in the list),  could
> you please describe the correct sequence in which to use the stuff below,
> assuming all Red Hat RPMs (including updates) were copied in some local
> directory (like /opt/makerule/rpms)?
> ...
> The question is, starting from scratch, do I have to run only the scripts
> above (and in which order) or what else before?

I guess that what you are looking for is described in the vumBOX-Handbook 
on page 23 (Version 0.3.97b-vumbox-14):

  ----- snip -----

How to make a Custom Slinky ISO (like this one, the so called vum:BOX):
Quotaing Michael Fratoni  mfratoni at tuxfan.homeip.net :

Yes, you too can build ISO files for fun and (no)profit! ;)

I was thinking about this issue today at work, (while I was being paid to
be thinking of other things..), and it occurred to me that it is quite
possible for users to build their own ISO images.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, it's really very simple.
I've created a tarball of my build tree. Scripts, base filesystem, rpm
packages, etc.

To build your own ISO:
(This does assume a linux machine, and a grasp of basic linux tools.)

o Download the tarball into your home directory.
         (I'll post it shortly, it's 36M in size,
o $ su root.
         (Required, the tarball contains device files, which can't be 
created by
         mortal users.)
o # tar -xvzf slinky_devel.tar.gz
o # chown -R user.user slinky_devel
         (wheruser is your user name)
o # exit
o $ cd slinky_devel
         (Poke around, change things, be careful...)
o edit version.h, define version as something NOT rule like.
         (I don't want bug reports on images I know nothing about)
o Get ready to build the images
o $ su - ( - is important, you want a login shell)
         (You need root to build the images. only root can mount loop 
o # cd /home/user/slinky_devel
o # ./makedisk.sh
o # ./makedisk2.sh
o # ./makepcmcia.sh
o # ./makeiso.sh
o # ls slinky_images/slinky-${version}/
You should see all the .img files, as well as the .iso.

Sound reasonable?

  ------- snap ------

Hope this haelps, Ingo.

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