[RULE] Which scripts to use to create RULE ISO?

Marco Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Thu Feb 19 16:46:24 EET 2004

> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:38:20 +0100, Marco Fioretti <m.fioretti at inwind.it> 

> I guess that what you are looking for is described in the vumBOX-Handbook 
> on page 23 (Version 0.3.97b-vumbox-14):

>   ----- snip -----
> How to make a Custom Slinky ISO (like this one, the so called vum:BOX):
> Quotaing Michael Fratoni  mfratoni at tuxfan.homeip.net :
> To build your own ISO:
> o $ cd slinky_devel
>          (Poke around, change things, be careful...)

This is one piece missing, documentation wise: for example, 
what if one wants to replace some packages with others (sendmail with postfix)
or their updated versions,  ie stuff which doesn't exist in the standard RH
CDs? If I say "don't install sendmail" fetchmail install from RH cd will fail,
won't it? Since it finds missing packages. Even if later I plan to say "install
latest postfix rpm from slinky iso.
Ditto for Abiword: thanks to your work there are now gtk only Abiword 2 rpms,
but one must put them on the slinky iso.

> o edit version.h, define version as something NOT rule like.
>          (I don't want bug reports on images I know nothing about)
> o Get ready to build the images

This is the second piece missing: the  makedisk.sh script copies into
a boot floppy what is in the filesystem directory, but how do you build *that*?
With the latest slinky?


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