[RULE] Call to arms and requirements for the website

C David Rigby cdrigby at 9online.fr
Sat Feb 21 08:50:52 EET 2004

As this discussion has progressed, I have googled about a bit looking 
for a content management system that matches Marco's requirements.  For 
those who are interested, I have found a couple of index pages that 
provide links to a number of projects:



There is, to put it lightly, a wealth of information.  Somewhat 
overwhelming, even.

 From other responses, it appears:

That James Miller knows someone that has the skills to rapidly assemble 
a system that Marco can then maintain.  This seems like a winner.  I 
have time to help, but lack in-depth knowledge of key components of 
website construction.  I'm learning, but the desired deadline of 5 - 6 
weeks is probably out of reach for my doing something useful.

That Rodolfo Paiz's server can handle a full-blown Apache/PHP/MySQL CMS, 
as long as we use something that is mature enough such that it is not a 
security risk for his shared host.  I know nothing about cPanel, but is 
it this project?


About the only thing I can offer at this point is that I have an older 
system here (Dual PII-333 Overdrive CPUs on a PPro motherboard, 256MB 
RAM, one 6GB IDE drive and two 4GB SCSI disks on an Adaptec 2940-AU 
controller that I hope to setup as a software RAID-based file store) 
that we can experiment with, if there is interest.  I am willing to set 
it up as desired for us to practice on (currently it is running the 
Userlinux-server variant of Debian unstable) and give access to people 
that I recognize from the list, or that are recommended by such.  It is 
behind a firewall on an ADSL line (1Mbps down/256kbps up) and I can 
tweak the firewall a bit to try to get half-way decent uplink 
performance.  I have a freebie account through dyndns.org, so one can 
find it easily enough.  Should be sufficient for testing, but not 
production.  If I have the correct site for the aforementioned cPanel 
above, then I will not be able to install that, as it appears to be a 
for-charge product well beyond my financial means.


M. Fioretti wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 17:09:02 PM -0600, Rodolfo J. Paiz  rpaiz at simpaticus.com  wrote:
>>At 05:29 2/20/2004, you wrote:
>>>       Looking at your requirements, all reasonable, I realize that my 
>>>suggesiton of Drupal may be a bit heavy-weight.  One all too often 
>>>forgets that not all the world does not have high-speed access.
>>I gotta say, looking at Marco's requirements, I realize my suggestion of 
>>volunteering some time and effort to help with the website may have been 
>>premature. That's a lot of stuff there. As you mentioned, all reasonable... 
>>but quite more than a mouthful for the time I have right now.
> Same here :-), hence the problem.
> Summarizing, I think there are two ways. Either installing some CMS
> system and using only what we need, or writing by hand 10/12 PHP/MySQL
> forms. The problem is that both solutions need to be implemented by
> somebody that knows the chosen one much better than me, to avoid
> wasting 80% of the time in trial and errors.
> Again, is somebody can say for sure "Drupal or whatever else can do
> all Marco listed, it's just a matter of configuring it, and I know how
> to do it" it's OK for me (always if Rodolfo says installation is
> feasible, of course).
> As far as bandwidth and CPU usage are concerned, I'd say that
> realistically, there is still quite some time before we can put a too
> heavy load on that CPU. Bandwidth wise, the iso might certainly become
> a problem, but mirroring (we can restore savannah's directory, and
> Vego also has space) might lessen that burden enough, I hope.
> Open to suggestions,
> Ciao,
> 	Marco

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