[RULE] LTSP (was: minimum hw requirements)

Eugene Wong disposable_eugene at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 09:01:03 EET 2004

>From: Ingo Lantschner <ingo.lists at vum.at>
>Subject: [RULE] LTSP (was: minimum hw requirements)
>Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:39:43 +0100

>How do you see the cooperation/relation (technically) between "The RULE 
>Project" and LTSP?
>* RULE as base for the LTSP-Server?
>* RULE as the base for the LTSP-Client (propably not, since this should be 
>a floppy - or?)
>* RULE as solution for the single-WS whereas LTSP is for Classrooms?
>* other relations I did not mention?

Hi Ingo, & all.

I don't think that I see RULE as a base for the client because RULE seems so 
big by comparison. However, it would be kind of useful to be able to all 
RULE to attach to the network & be able to go into client mode. Maybe the 
user could just reboot, & make a selection @ the LILO prompt or GRUB prompt. 
Another interesting client option is to just have the user run a normal 
console on "<Alt><F1>", & a client connection on "<Alt><F2>". This could 
allow him to upload & download, & ssh on the 1st console, & actually have 
full access to the applications on terminal server with the 2nd console. 
With these kinds of options, RULE becomes a powerful tool for old laptops.

Since they already have a terminal server, they probably don't need RULE as 
a terminal server. I wouldn't know, though.

I think that RULE & LTSP should work together because they definitely have 
some common ground. Both groups want to use light applications to get the 
job done. Both are trying to make use of old hardware. They could share 
experiences to avoid overlapping. If they were 1 project, then there would 
be more servers available to mirror the same page.

If they did join together, then maybe they could have various installation 
* server
* workstation
* terminal server
* terminal client
* firewall
* customized system
* docking bay [use PLIP to connect to old laptops to give better Internet 
access, & upload & download files]

These are just my thoughts.

Sincerely, & with thanks,
Eugene T.S. Wong

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