[RULE] Is Slinky available for Fedora Core 1?

M. Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Mon Mar 15 05:27:49 EET 2004

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 01:25:47 AM +0100, Martin Stricker  shugal at gmx.de  wrote:
> Is the Slinky installer working with Red Hat's Fedora Core 1? If
> not, could someone (Michael Fratoni?) please tell me what needs to
> be done to create support for FC1? Thanks a lot!

Ciao Martin,
nice to hear you again!

There is nothing RULE for FC1. The reasons are that:

1) Michael disappeared from the net lately. I have also tried to
   contact him several times off list without success. I hope he'll be
   back soon

2) I went off line for some months to move to a new apartment, and
   when back decided to fix the website before everything else, since
   now it takes way too much time before any news and documentation is
   put online (see the list messages during february about this). No
   point, I thought, in releasing something else if we cannot also
   document easily how to do and customize it yourself.

The hope is to fix the website before FC2 is released (~easter time)
and then restart directly from there. Of course, your question
entitles you to retrieve the latest available slinky, try to port it
to FC2 and report here your success before anybody else:-) !

	Marco Fioretti

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