[RULE] Re: Restricted requirements for RULE website

M. Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Mon Mar 15 19:52:23 EET 2004

(CCing Rodolfo and the list so everybody is up to date)

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 17:49:48 PM +0100, C David Rigby
 cdrigby at 9online.fr  wrote:

> I have been continuing to explore the CMS called SPIP that I
> mentioned previously.  I am preparing a more detailed report with
> respect to our requirements (both the original ones and the revised
> set below) that I hope to present within a day or two.  I think that
> it goes a long way to meeting our needs, but we will have to do at
> least some customizing for our purposes.  That is always the case.
> Also, since we have experienced some intermittent difficulties with
> our mailing list, I may not have successfully gotten the word out
> that I set up a testbed server that members of this list can use if
> they would like to experiment with web site design or other
> precedures. Send me an email if you would like an account.
> Currently all access is via SSH or http.

OK, great, thanks a thousand. Just remember that map and mirror can be
easily ported to the new system, no need to do them again. Also, what
about keeping the MySQL database approach (see what I wrote about
scalability)? Do you think it would be possible?

As for the account, yes, do send it offlist as soon as you think it's
time to start testing.

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