Deadlines & Commitments [Was: Re: [RULE] The SPIP CMS as the basis for a RULE-project website]

M. Fioretti m.fioretti at
Sun Mar 21 21:08:47 EET 2004

On Sun, Mar 21, 2004 10:32:40 AM +0100, C David Rigby  cdrigby at  wrote:
> Marco and others,
> My feeling is that the web is great, but personal contact is better.
> So, unless someone wishes to jump in and prepare the CD image as
> described in the 2nd block below, I will set the website tasks aside
> for a couple of days and focus on getting a CD image together.


Perfectly spoken, I agree. I will update the slides and check with the
meeting supervisor what is available. 

> As always, no promises, YMMV, etc., but it should be doable by Wed.
> Of course, input and critiques from others always welcome!

As a matter of fact, caring for the meeting before everything else (ie
doing a new ISO) will also give all us an excellent opportunity to
review and document everything. I'll report how the new iso will do
on my laptop (the one in the test database, P133 with 32 MB RAM: heck,
if I managed to convert the slideshow to HTML and speak using *that*,
box, it would really buy everybody into RULE).

	Marco Fioretti

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