Updated RULE RedHat 9 [Was: Re: [RULE] Structure of slinky filesystem/bin folder]

C David Rigby cdrigby at 9online.fr
Fri Mar 26 11:49:41 EET 2004

Marco et. al.,
	Per your restrictions of possible file size for the new installer CD 
due to the mechanism by which you can transport the files, and following 
my previous idea (yesterday) of changing my immediate goal to focus on 
updating a RULE installation of RH9 from the CDs, I have done the following:

Working with the lists of RPMs that are input to the second-stage 
installer script for a RedHat 9 installation, I have determined the list 
of RPMs that need to be upgraded to be current with the latest RedHat 9 
errata (the last released errata was 2004.03.18, RHBA-2004:083, 
grep-2.5.1-7.8.i386.rpm).  Hopefully, I did not miss anyway (correct me 
here if you spot an error, please).

These file lists are found under the directory /second_stage_scripts/9 
on the disk2.img floppy.  In order to make sure I was using the 
slinky-v0.3.96 version, I mounted the image in order to read the file 
list.  I have not checked, but they may have the same contents as the 
same files of the slinky_devel tarball, in which case they can be found 
under slinky_devel/DISK2/second_stage_scripts/9/, or at


All of the available and RULE-applicable RedHat 9 updates that I found 
are on the server under:


The GOTCHA! that you have guessed is coming is the size of all this: 
over 170MB.  This is before including the latest Abiword or koffice (I 
have not been able to find an indication that kdrive has been updated, 
and I have not checked on icewm or the other small window managers we 
have associated with it).  By restricting my attention to just the i386 
and noarch packages needed, then archiving and compressing them with tar 
followed by gzip-9, I have gotten an updates package down to 118MB.  The 
same thing was done for an iso image, RULE-RH9-01.iso, after which it 
was also compressed to come in just under 120MB.  The results are here 
(with an MD5 checksum file in the same directory):


PLEASE NOTE: If you would prefer this with a different kernel RPM (this 
has the kernel-2.4.20-30.9.i386.rpm supplied by RedHat in the 
subdirectory i386) let me know and I can create other images/tarballs. 
The i586 kernel is only a few hundred kB larger.

Also here are all of the official RedHat update RPMs that are applicable 
to a RULE-installed system for all architectures, in subdirectories. 
The MD5SUM file applies to just the images of i386+noarch.  All other 
RPMs can be confirmed individually by using this command once downloaded:

rpm --checksig name.of.file.rpm

I have located the Abiword 2.0.5 rpm and some koffice 1.3 rpms (binary 
and source).  The koffice 1.3 rpms are built for Fedora Core 1, so they 
may not work (as yet untested) but I can always try to rebuild the 
source package on a system here running RH 9.

I have realized that I am not going to get a CD image built in under 120 
MB that will contain all of the updates, so I am going to proceed to 
build a CD image to contain all updates, plus the supplemental packages 
we use such as kdrive, Abiword & koffice.  However, I'll put the RPMs on 
the server here so that interested folks can download them individually. 
  I probably will not tar and gzip anything else unless it is 
specifically requested, since RPMs already compress the payload, so one 
does not save that much in terms of storage.

I am going to perform an install-from-scratch using just the official 
RH9 CDs and the slinky-v0.3.96 CD, then see if I can perform an update 
via http from the server.  I'm also going to see if my long-suffering 
little notebook can be induced to install Abiword 2.0.5 and koffice 1.3. 
  I'll post the results when it is done.


M. Fioretti wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 16:13:30 PM +0100, C David Rigby  cdrigby at 9online.fr  wrote:
>>So what would be useful would be an already "up2date" RULE-based RH9
>>installer, all on a single CD.  In other words, a bootable CD that
>>included the RULE installer and all of the needed RPMs all on the
>>same disk, yes? Do you know what your target system for the
>>installation is?
> OK, this is the *ideal* solution, the one that would make me
> deliriously happy (as in "making RULE looking real good at the install
> fest of next saturday"):
>   I have the three original RH9 cdroms, so:
>   one iso with latest slinky for Red Hat 9 including:
>       latest abiword rpm (those announced by Ingo here some months
>       ago)
>       latest RH9 official kernel from RH, possibly in both i386/486
>       and pentium versions
>       latest official X rpm for RH9
>       kdrive rpm
>       koffice 1.3 (from source, I guess, no RH9 rpm available yet,
>       right?)
>   by wednesday afternoon, GMT +1 time (to have time to install on my
>   laptop and report to you all)
>   max 120 MB size (my USB stick...)
> Of course I know I *am* asking a lot. Everything you can do is OK,
> don't worry.
>>In other news, I am making my final comments on my previously
>>promised report on SPIP. It has gotten rather long, so I am going to
>>put it on the server and then post the link to the mailing list
> Great, thanks again!
> Later,
> 	Marco Fioretti

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