[RULE] Testing of new website started. Contributors wanted

M. Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Sun Apr 18 20:06:32 EEST 2004

Hello, everybody.

As you can see at http://rule-test.homelinux.org/~mfioretti/, I have
finally started to mess with the new website and am here to
report. Any feedback is welcome.


Looking good. Thanks a thousand to David for setting it up. I have had
occasion to play with it enough to be almost sure than everything that
still doesn't look possible is due to my lazyness, not to limits in
SPIP (the CMS system that David selected). The two major "obstacles"
right now are:

     cosmetics:	      fix fonts, add the logo, not show some non
		      essential stuff (other articles by the some
		      author, etc...), change font sizes... nothing
		      complicated, once I find the proper source file.

     automated multiple uploads: I need to figure out how to
	            insert/convert all the current material in the
		    SPIP database with a shell script. Once that is
		    done, reformatting each page (fix links, add
		    bullets, etc...) can be done in steps, even
		    sharing the workloads among members.

I have already subscribed to the SPIP mailing list, so I can directly
nag the gurus on these and other minor issues.

I have already created the following hyerarchy (not all pieces show up
in the URL above because still missing content):

	Screenshots	(to be divided by RH/FC release)
		Developers (how to update/customize slinky)
		...what else)
	Download	(ISO, boot floppies or the whole website)

	SW packages

		ISO documentation
		Slinky documentation
		pages devoted to single low resource apps


		The RULE network
		Mailing list
		Contact RULE



Do you like this layout?


With the new structure it will be possible to collaboratively submit,
edit and update content much faster and easier than in the
past. Please start preparing everything you might want to see on the
RULE website (INGO: including VUM stuff if you want), and let me know
if you want a contributor login.


	Marco Fioretti

Marco Fioretti                 mfioretti
Red Hat for low memory         www.rule-project.org

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