[RULE] Preparing RULE for FC2, was: The RULE test website is up now!

Martin Stricker shugal at gmx.de
Tue May 11 22:58:10 EEST 2004

"M. Fioretti" wrote:

> About RULE for Fedora Core 2: everybody who has started to play with
> this (Rodolfo, Martin, David, are you here?) please post here all you
> founded: package lists, slinky settings, whatever. Even better (MUCH,
> MUCH BETTER), publish it in the new website through the SPIP
> authoring system: it's just some minor formatting and one HTML form.

Here, yes. Time, no. Much done to understand slinky, no. Sorry...

> My intention would be to split/extend the current RULE install guide
> in two documents: an actual install guide for end users, and a
> developers guide explaining how slinky works, how to customize it,
> how to build package lists.... What do you think?

Great idea! Actually, I thought we only have the install guide, and
we'll need to customization guide.

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