[RULE] Preparing RULE for FC2, was: The RULE test website is up now!

C David Rigby cdrigby at 9online.fr
Thu May 13 20:32:03 EEST 2004

Greetings all,

I like the idea of separating the instructions into two parts, one part 
for our default install of a RULE-ified desktop system, the other for 
developers that wish to customize.  Before my recent & hasty trip to the 
USA, I started trying to understand the slinky installer, so I will 
return to that task.  I have a system here that I can experiment with 
(P166 notebook w/ 104 MB of RAM) so I'll see what I can do in terms of 
FC2 test 3 as a starting point once I have the FC2T3 iso's downloaded.


M. Fioretti wrote:
> Hello all,
> The expected delivery date for Fedora Core 2 is May 17th.
> I'll do my best to add the news section to the test website
> (http://rule-test.homelinux.org/~mfioretti), and move it to the real
> server, during the next weekend. Once that is up, I will also move the
> mailing list off from savannah, to the same server hosting the
> website. The purpose is to arrive someday to backup, search and mirror
> both web pages and the list in the same way.
> I'll send a notice when the mailing list migrates. Please check your
> email settings when that happens, and be prepared to see, patch,
> signal any glitch in the RULE email flow.
> About RULE for Fedora Core 2: everybody who has started to play with
> this (Rodolfo, Martin, David, are you here?) please post here all you
> founded: package lists, slinky settings, whatever. Even better (MUCH,
> MUCH BETTER), publish it in the new website through the SPIP authoring
> system: it's just some minor formatting and one HTML form.
> My intention would be to split/extend the current RULE install guide
> in two documents: an actual install guide for end users, and a
> developers guide explaining how slinky works, how to customize it, how
> to build package lists.... What do you think?
> The invitation above applies to all members and to all the website.
> I'll just repeat the request I sent some days ago:
>>   a) Please surf around the test website: there surely are tons of
>>	linking and formatting errors in the pages. Please DO signal
>>	them to me off list, with a mail with subject
>>	RULE_ERR:<article_title>. Be picky: quote the exact section of
>>	the text which are wrong and awhy. After that, be patient :-)
>>   b) The good news is that now we can share the load: if you feel
>>   like contributing, contact me again to have a login as maintainer,
>>   so we can fix the pages and add new ones working in team. The SPIP
>>   formatting guidelines are simple, 1/2 pages only.
> Last but not least. Vegard, and everybody else willing to mirror the
> new website: please try to mirror the test one, and let me know any
> problem you find with it.
> Ciao,
> 	Marco Fioretti

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