[RULE] Introduction

Gabriel M. Beddingfield bugler at teuton.org
Mon May 17 03:52:41 EEST 2004

Hello, I'm new to the list.  When I subscribed it suggested that I
introduce myself, so.....

My name is Gabriel Beddingfield.  I'm a Mechanical Engineer.  I'm also a
hobbyist computer geek -- with most of my chops in numerical computing.
  I'm an intermediate C/C++ programmer.  I have almost no knowledge of
systems programming.  I am new to Linux, with some experience with Unix
during college.  I'm a high-level Win***s user.

I'd like to participate in the RULE project for the same reasons as many
of you.  But in the end, I hope that my involvement with RULE will bring
glory to Jesus Christ -- by serving each of you, the poor, and the
community.  Many of you have other motivations -- and I'm OK with
that... not opposed in the least.  Nevertheless, this is mine.

I plan to try FC2 (Marco's suggestion) on a Dell Latitude LM P100-SD
with 16MB of ram.  The machine already has OpenBSD on it.  The trick I
see in this installation is that the floppy drive has to be removed in
order to use the CD-ROM.  I don't think it is hot-swappable, and I can't
boot from a CD-ROM.  I indeed plan to scour over pages of documentation,
RTFM, STFW,  and STFA... but if anyone would like to cut to the chase...


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