[RULE] Introduction

bugler at teuton.org bugler at teuton.org
Thu May 20 22:06:00 EEST 2004

Quoting C David Rigby <cdrigby at 9online.fr>:

> 	FC2 will probably not install directly on your portable, due to the low 
> RAM.  Indeed, extending the slinky installer to cover FC2 is a current 
> goal of the project.  If you would like to review some of the things 
> that Marco and I have been working on in terms of design a new website, 
> check out the test server here:  http://rule-test.homelinux.org/.  Other 
> folks are doing other things - I'll let them chime in for themselves.

I'm trying FC2 on Marco's suggestion.  I'll check out what you have up there.

> 	Do you have a PCMCIA NIC for your laptop?  On similarly configured 
> machines (I have a Dell Latitude 486DX4-100 w/ 16 MB of RAM that is 
> currently running RULE-ified RedHat 9 - no CD-ROM at all) network 
> installs are the easiest way to go.

I just got a NIC about 1 hour ago.  Looks like this will be the way I go.

>  I can email to you my installation 
> report for this machine if you like.  How large is the HDD in the 

Is this your report:  http://www.rule-project.org/report/crigby.txt

> computer?  Something that occurs to me is to add support to the 
> installer, or create a variant installer, that can create a small 
> bootable partition on the HDD that can then run an installtion off of 
> the HDD, accessing the RPMs on the CD-ROM.  That partition could later 
> be recovered as /tmp or some such.

YES!  Esp. since FC2 no longer supports booting from floppies.  Let me know how 
I can help.


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