[RULE] Xircom NIC: xirc2ps_cs.o doesn't load.

Martin Stricker shugal at gmx.de
Fri May 21 23:35:42 EEST 2004

C David Rigby wrote:

> BTW, my understanding of the way the slinky installer works is that
> it installs specific versions of the RPMs based on the set of RPMs
> (the abreviation for RedHat Package Manager packages) on the install
> CDs. So, until I or someone else can update the package lists usd by
> the installer, it probably is not possible to install FC2 using
> slinky v0.3.96.

Absolutely correct. Creating a new package list for FC2 is one of the
tasks which have to be done to make slinky support FC2. The other is to
use another version of rpm - the slinky rpm version cannot install the
FC2 rpms! So currently it is impossible to install FC2 with slinky.
There may be additional things to do, but these two were apparent for me
when I tried to find out what's necessary to have slinky support FC2.

> However, it should be possible to use v0.3.96 to install RH9, then
> upgrade to FC2.  Though I cannot tell you how to do that without some
> experimentation.

Generally this should be possible, although I'm uncomfortable with
upgrades, especially because for that upgrade you'll have to use the
regular FC2 installer, which requires at least 32 MB RAM (maybe more, I
didn't check). So for this particular install an upgrade is not

Sorry for the bad news!

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