[RULE] Xircom NIC: xirc2ps_cs.o doesn't load.

bugler at teuton.org bugler at teuton.org
Mon May 24 18:58:01 EEST 2004

Quoting C David Rigby <cdrigby at 9online.fr>:

> Hi Gabriel, et. al.,
> 	I have experimented a bit with a Presario 1080 that I have which also 
> possesses a Cirrus Logic controller.  The problem with this machine is 
> that apparently the base address of the controller is non-standard, and 
> so it is not found by the i82365 driver module.  Here is how I got it to 
> work for an NFS install:
> [snip]

David:  Great!  This worked like a charm!  Thankyou very much.

I'm not done yet... but I wanted to give you quick feedback that your advice 
helped.  In the mean-time... I've run into other trouble that I'll try to work 
out for myself.  (i.e. having trouble setting up NFS server, IP addresses, 
etc... I'm a noob to TCP/IP as well as Linux.  In fact, I think I broke my 
loopback on my desktop machine!)

When I'm done, I will definately publish a full report on the RULE project site 
(under Testing).

Everyone:  thankyou for all your help thus far.


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