[RULE] PCMCIA problems in Red Hat?

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Sun May 30 10:33:41 EEST 2004

On Sat, May 29, 2004 19:16:13 PM -0600, bugler at teuton.org
 bugler at teuton.org  wrote: 
> Boy, I just keep messing up all the mailing list conventions... like
> sending this last on to you AND to the list.  I do apologise.  While
> I don't understand why simply editing the subject line suffices for
> the thread... I'll respect it.

Thanks for that.

The reason why it's not enough to change the subject is that each
email is given a unique identifier when generated, and complete mail
software recognizes it to show in the best possible way which message
is a reply to which one.

This happens by inserting an In-Reply-To header, which specifies who
the parent message is. The one my mail client appended to *this*
message is:

	In-Reply-To: <1085879773.40b935dd3d60f at www.teuton.org>

This makes possible to follow or completely ignore/delete whole
subthreads in each discussion, but also messes up archiving and hides
information if not used properly.

As an example, look at messages 171 and 185 in the attached screenshot
of my RULE mailbox.

The problem is that even a lot of mail clients for Linux don't support
threading, so many people don't even know it is possible outside of

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