[RULE] Suggestions: klipper, AbiWord, wiki

Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Mon Jun 7 07:51:05 EEST 2004

I must apologize, because I have not followed the suggestion in the
subscribe email suggesting that I review the archive before posting, nor
have I read the FAQ, etc.  (My "justification" is that this will
probably be a once and done email, although I will probably remain
subscribed as long as traffic does not get too high.)

(On that subject, may I suggest adding a link to the archives in that
subscribe email (although I'm sure I could find the archive by following
the link to the general list information.)


1. Please consider adding klipper to the list of packages that you will
attempt to include in RULE.  Although it has many useful features, the
features that I think would be most valuable include the buffering of
several blocks of text on a clipboard buffer (the original intent of
klipper, IIUC0, and, even better (for me at least) the feature added in
kde 3.2 of being able to define keyboard macros to enter "boilerplate"
text into any application.  (I say any because I tested it in Mandrake
10.0 and was pleasantly surprised that the keyboard macros I defined
worked in Nedit which is neither a kde nor qt based application (it uses
Motif / lesstif), so I'm assuming the feature would work with many other
non-kde applications.

2. You might want to consider AbiWord specifically because it is a
cross-platform application (it works on Windows, Linux (with or without
GTK), and MacIntosh, among other ports that have been or are being
attempted.)  Further, it is closer to a Word workalike than either Open
Office or KWord, and can read Word .doc files, and write .rtf files
(which Word can read, and which AbiWord sometimes intentionally labels
as .doc for the convenience of their users).  I know that AbiWord was at
one time "adopted" as the GNome word processor, and I guess that is
still the case, but it is by no means an exclusive arrangement.  And,
AbiWord continues to develop with the recent additions of automatic
tables of content and the beginnings (or more) of collapsible outlining.

3.  I wish you'd consider basing your website on a wiki -- if such were
the case I would have made a better attempt to search the wiki to see if
these suggestions had already been made (rather than not attempting to
search the archive), and if they weren't there, I could have added them
myself, and if they were there, I could have added relevant information
or potentially corrected any misunderstandings / errors.

Randy Kramer

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