[RULE] New download area for RULE

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Tue Jun 8 16:01:05 EEST 2004

Please have a look at http://www.rule-project.org/download/

I just divided it into: (this as basis for the corresponding webpage):

 Generic/         source code of scripts/programs not distro-specific
 ISO/             'nuff said. Many will just want to go there...
 Mirror/          contains last tarball of old website, will contain
		  new ones of the current one, made via cron
 RedHat_9/        (or, to be added, RH8, RH7, Feddora Core_n...) RPMs
		  or anything else which is only valid/useable for
		  that specific distro version
 SLINKY/          the RULE installer: source code, img files...
 rule-tool/       a backup leftover to be deleted, ignore it
 slideshow/        just what it says. Naming scheme:

To be added:
 MINICONDA:	source code etc of the first RULE installer
 DOCS:		other documentation...

Question: please have a look into

according to the above, I should (shouldn't I?) move all those
packages to a RedHat_N directory: how to know when not in the name of
a package if it is rh8 or 9?

In general: does this structure makes sense to you? If a better one
exists no problem to do it again, speak up. I just needed to clean up
and get control again of what's in the basement.

Once that directory is stable, we can go update the web pages pointing
to it (if there were any old links still working, they're sure broken

Marco Fioretti                 mfioretti, at the server mclink.it
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