[RULE] New Memeber!- Finding Red Hat Versions

David Jamison david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 9 21:06:21 EEST 2004

> Not possible, since there is no 9.2. Can you be more specific about 
> what you were trying to install?

Oh well! I did say I was not too familiar with RH.  Might it have been 
7.2? Had a quick look for the CD's there but they must have been given away.

> Nope. They provide individual packages and ISO images for every single 
> release of Red Hat Linux from 1.0 to 9. They *also* provide RHEL and 
> Fedora, and I currently have over 60GB of their FTP tree mirrored on 
> my home computer keeping only RHL versions 6.2, 7.3, 8, 9 plus FC1 and 
> FC2. It's all there, trust me.

I just dont see a direct link to them from www.redhat.com  homepage.  
Also if I try to down load from ftp.redhat.com im gertting the error 
message "An error occured opening that  folder on the FTP server.  Make 
sure you have permissions to access that folder.  Details 200 Switching 
to ASCII mode  500 Permission Denied " Maybe server problems or does one 
now have to have a RH account to allow access?

I noed that the minium spec for a machine to run 9.0 is as follows

Red Hat Linux 9 Technical Details
Minimum and Recommended Hardware Requirements:

 Minimum: Pentium-class
 Recommended for Text Mode: 200 Megahertz  Pentium-class or better
 Recommended for Graphical Mode: 400 Megahertz  Pentium-class or better
 Hard Disk Space*:
 Custom installation (minimum): 475 MB
 Personal Desktop: 1.7 GB
 Workstation: 2.1 GB
 Custom installation (everything): 5.0 GB
 *Additional space will be required for file storage.
 Memory Requirements:
 minimum for text mode: 64MB
 minimum for graphical mode: 128 MB
 recommended for graphical mode: 192 MB

This seems to be a heck of a lot for a "lite" system?



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