[RULE] Installation Report

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Mon Jun 28 18:06:29 EEST 2004

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 13:09:17 PM +0100, David Jamison
 david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com  wrote:


thanks for your submission. This is a machine never reported before,
is it? (just to know if I have to add the data below to an existing
report or create a new one).

> It would maybe be nice to have a module to set the monitor up as
> this can be tricky if not downright dangerous if you get it wrong.

? Kudzu is installed, isn't it? It should take care of video cards and
monitors too, right? If not, there is redhat-config-xfree86. Maybe you
just need to add the corresponding rpm?
The beauty of not being a new distribution is to have all this kind of
stuff already done and tested by many more (other!) guys.

> ... maybe the install guide could be reworked with the bits about
> dual booting etc hyperlinked out of the way as the guide may be a
> bit daunting to first time installers.

I agree on this.


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