[RULE] APT, YUM or URPMI on RULE, was: Mini-KDE

Peter E. Popovich peter at popovich.net
Tue Jul 20 22:19:42 EEST 2004

> apt or equivalent should be installable with RULE, but until we or
> somebody else find the way to create alternate, light repositories,
> they just let in from the back entrance the problem we kicked out
> giving up anaconda: bloated packages and, shall we say,
> over/ill conceived dependency. That's why I came up with the mini-kde
> thing: try to figure out how to make an rpm set with less
> dependencies.

i'm new, so i'm a bit lost:

why give up anaconda?  can't you just repackage the data so it gives you a 
better "lightweight install"?

and, why not just snag the RULE-compliant RPMs from RH or fedora, mix in 
your mini-kde RPMS, and build a custom yum repository for RULE?

(by RULE-compliant, i mean, the useful RPMs that aren't bloatware...)

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