[RULE] Mini-KDE now Qt install

Martin Stricker shugal at gmx.de
Wed Jul 21 00:43:18 EEST 2004

david jamison wrote:

> In other words Im wondering
> a. how many of the dependancies for Qt is actually needed to build
> KDE?
> Or perhaps
> b. how many depndancies for Qt are needed to build Qt to allow me to
> work on a KDE build or
> c. should I be working on the KDE build on the Mandrake box which is
> running Qt or
> d. am i making this too complicated! (but im pretty sure the RULE box
> will need some bits of Qt)

I think you will need Qt and all its dependencies, but I might be wrong.
There is only one way to find this out: Install Qt with all
dependencies, then install a KDE application, if necessary with
--nodeps. If it runs, fine, otherwise install other KDE stuff (kdebase,
maybe other things with all their dependencies) until the application
runs. Then, remove one dependency rpm and try the application again. If
it still runs, that dependency is unnecessary. The problem with KDE is
that different applications might use different dependencies, so you
need to test a lot of applications to be relatively sure your setup will
work with other KDE applications.

Personally, if I ever need to start X (Mozilla) I use Xfce, which has
most of the features of Gnome and KDE but is much less bloated. I have
no idea if Gnome or KDE applications do work with Xfce (but I doubt it),
I don't use X much anyway...

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