[RULE] WCLP 0.7.1 Released ("RULE for Debian")

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Sat Sep 4 10:11:46 EEST 2004

On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 02:12:27 AM -0400, Paul Nijjar
 pnijjar at utm.utoronto.ca  wrote:

> We are not trying to replace the Slinky installer, nor are we
> asserting that RULE should give up its goal of getting Fedora
> installed on older computers. Rather, I am thinking of our project
> as a Debian-based approach to the problems RULE is trying to solve.

> I am also totally willing to help (on this list if Marco allows it,
> on wclp-user at lists.sourceforge.net otherwise) with any problems you
> are facing.


first of all, congratulations. Please consider putting together a WCLP
page that we can put on the RULE website, pointing at your site.
As for supporting here, YES!!! See what I wrote on the home page about
RULE becoming a general centre for all willing to Run Up to date Linux
Everywhere, with whatever distro. Also check the slides I sent to the
Debian-NP on this.

The only thing to remember on this list is to specify since the
subject or the very beginning of the message if you are talking about
RULE-Fedora or RULE-WCLP (if you allow me saying so, just joking).

> I am hoping to be able to do a RULE Network-type mailout service,
> but I have not set that up yet.

No need to duplicate the RULE network, just point to it from your
website. Several of its registered members, if you check their
webpages, already offer lots of other Free SW cds, and other Linux
distros. Let's just ask them to give out your CD too. I can take care
of this if you wish.

On a related note, please document the common denominator, ie what you
offer for SOHO application, which versions and how you trimmed it down.



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