[RULE] FWD: Re: Compiling rpm statically?

Franz Zahaurek fzk at fzk.at
Sat Sep 11 16:24:00 EEST 2004

"Gabriel M. Beddingfield" <gabriel teuton org> writes:

> On Wednesday 01 September 2004 18:20, Franz Zahaurek wrote:
>> [...]
>> http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/kernel- - use it as a
>> replacement for vmlinuz-rule.
> FYI, the 2.6.8 Kernel broke most of the CD-writing programs for 
> everyone except root.  If you need to write CD's, you may consider 
> sticking with 2.6.7.  (Yeah, in older hardware, this isn't a big 
> issue... just FYI.)
> I saw some updates to cdrecord, mkisofs, and the like recently... so 
> they may be fixing it on the application side (rather than in the 
> kernel)... but my K3B still doesn't work with 2.6.8 (unless you run 
> as root -- which is not recommended).

To find out what's wrong please report an error message and check the
following things:

*) Ownership and permissions of the CD-Device you are writing to.
*) Ownership and permissions of the programs cdrecord, ... are they setuid?

- Franz
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