[RULE] mirrors of slinky 0.3.96, anybody?

Richard Kweskin rkwesk at hellug.gr
Sun Sep 19 19:52:16 EEST 2004

On Sun, 19 Sep 2004 17:48:39 +0200
"M. Fioretti" <mfioretti> wrote:

> As per subject.
> I need to make a bootable cdrom to test slinky 0.4.01 from Franz. His
> slinky page says:
>  use the file slinky-devel-0.4.01.tar.bz2. It contains all the
>  necessary files exept the directory rule_iso which I didn't use. If
>  you need it, take it from the slinky-v0.3.96 archive.
> the problem is that I can't find now any such archive. Both the RULE
> website and Michael Fratoni's server are unreachable from here now,
> for some reason. Mirrors, anybody?
> Ciao,	 
> 	 Marco F.

Hello Marco

Sounds like your isp is flushing its dns server. Anyway try Vego's mirror...



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