[RULE] Slinky 0.4.01: cannot create /dev/null

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Tue Sep 21 07:45:39 EEST 2004

On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 02:17:24 AM +0200, Franz Zahaurek  fzk at fzk.at 

> > For the record, if I boot with tomsbrt and run *its* fdisk -l, it
> > returns the correct partition table on
> >
> > Disk /dev/hda
> I have no explanation for this.  Could you please try booting
> with the two floppies.  May be the cdrom as hda is disturbing.

Using disk1.img yelds the same result. As far as I remember, I did try
the floppy with several bios settings, but it always has that
problem. And if I write avail_devices=hda in the script it gives the
/dev/null error

So, if I understand correctly, one problem is in busybox fdisk, and
the /dev/null thing may come from it or be something else.

> To your information, these are my actual tests:
> I have now a LAN for testing at home and did the following
> installation methods with success (= the installed FC2 can boot):
> cdrom
> image
> rpms
> ftp

Great news!

I will leave for a business trip tomorrow morning, will go directly
from there to the Linux Expo, and then out for the weekend, so I can't
do further tests before next week. To get basic functions over these
days I have successfully reinstalled RH9 with slinky 0.3.96 cdrom.
This means the hard and CD drives are still working.  However, to
prepare other FC2/slinky tests next week:

my network card is a PCMCIA Hamlet RE450CT - LAN 10M. It is also sold
with other brand names and the same (re450) part name

personally, booting from floppy and installing via ftp is the one I'm
more interested in, because:

the laptop old cdrom drive can't read most rewritable CDs and I try to
save CD-Rs

its drive can't hold 2 CD's worth of RPMS or iso images

so the only alternative for me is local cdrom. Any testing is good,
however, others have different hardware.

Thanks again,


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