[RULE] slinky-0.4.02: install FC2 via cdrom, image, rpms, ftp, nfs

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at vum.at
Fri Oct 1 14:33:00 EEST 2004

Hi Franz and others,
I tried today installing Slinky 0.4.02 via nfs. I had some strange  
problems - not clear to me whats happening. Let me try to describe (#=  
Commandprompt, ##=Comments, but not so important now):

1. On some already running machine:
$ dd if=slinky-0.4.02-disk1.img of=/dev/fd0
2880+0 Records ein
2880+0 Records aus
$ dd if=slinky-0.4.02-disk2.img of=/dev/fd0
2880+0 Records ein
2880+0 Records aus

2. a.) Insert bootfloppy into Slinkymachine (slm) and power on - should  
boot from floppy!
After boot, change to console 2 (Alt+F2)
slm# modprobe 3c59x.ko			## changing keyboardlayout before?!
slm# ifconfig eth0	## dhclient-how?
						## ping to nfs-server was ok!
2. b.) Inserted Stage 2 Floppy
Some strange characters/messages after inserting stage2-floppy, echo is  
displayed twice (f.e. echo Hit Return /n Hit Return)
##Path to postinst.sh: /mnt/cdrom/postinst/postinst.sh

3. Started Installation by typing 1 (1=yes, very smart Franz!)
First try, anything goes fine, nfs can mount, formatting of hda2 goes a  
bit too fast IMO, files are copied from nfs-server, but "passwd: Module is  
unknown" and after reboot I get "No Operating System" (No, I did not  
forget to say yes to Lilo)

4. Second try, as above, but formating of hda2 takes a reasonable long  
time and then many, many "rpm not found messages" so I stop.

5. Third try: As above, formating too fast IMO. Some strange maessages  
that a file already exists (seems as if from the before trys some files  
were left over, which may be a cause of the not-formating) and then I see  
clearly: /root/scripts/base_install.sh: 1000: lilo not found (may be I  
have not recognized this before)

This time I change to console 2 to rescue the installlog, its in the  

So quiete strange, difficult to reproduce, somehow the worst case for  
tracking down the error, hope someone has an idea, .... ssems as if  
sometimes the programs (rpm, passwd, lilo) are not there.

TIA, Ingo.
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