[RULE] Slinky 0.4 - the work has started

Franz Zahaurek fzk at fzk.at
Mon Oct 4 20:28:15 EEST 2004

Hi Ingo and all,

"Ingo Lantschner" <ingo lists vum at> writes:

> On Sun, 03 Oct 2004 00:43:19 +0200, Franz Zahaurek <fzk at fzk.at> wrote:
> [...]
>>> I think, most things that follow are beyond the actual scope of slinky
>> as an installer.  You could call the result a new mini distribution.
> Yes, I agree with you. On the other side many of these features were
> somehow integrated into the old slinky, and now its sometimes not so
> clear  for me, how to roll it back or how to reintegrate these
> features again.
> Also I think we should look for possibilities to "package" common
> add-ons  like a GUI and Office-Apps. IMHO this would be the most celan
> implemenation: Keep Slinky to the minimum (and therefore clean up the
> slinky.config and the packagelists) and build new postinst-packages to
> implement f.e. X and iceWM.

This is exactly what I was thinking about.  There is also a change
concerning available applications as rpms on the distribution-CDs.
RedHat9 had no abiword-rpm, FC2 has one.  But tinyX and icewm are
missing and have to be provided on customized CD.

>>> * change of keyboardlayout in a more early state of install
>> I put the keyboard selection just at the begin of setup.sh.  There is
>> no earlier state.
> Well its just a small detail and not so important - I just wrote it
> down  in order to not forget it: If you change to console 2 and
> modprobe/ifconfig you have the us layout. But this may be worked
> around,  if you just start the installation on console 1, chnage the
> layout and  then stop the installation for modprobing/ifconfig on
> console2.
> [...]

Oh, I see.  This can be changed easily.

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