[RULE] Slinky/FC2 minimal install, was: slinky-0.4.02: install FC2 via...

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Tue Oct 5 08:21:17 EEST 2004

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 18:30:11 PM +0200, Ingo Lantschner
 ingo.lists at vum.at  wrote:
> Next try - SUCCESS!

Great! Congratulations to Ingo for testing, and of course to Franz for
his work to port slinky to FC2.

Further comments inline.
> * This basesystem uses 837 MB of the harddrive - a bit too much. What  
> about removing f.e. sendmail&friends and rpmdb-Fedora?

As far as I know, rpmdb should be missed. When it comes to
sendmail&friends, it really boils down to "does the box needs to run
a mail server?"

If no, just remove it. But remember that lots of system utilities on
*nix needs some server to send email anyway (like notifying system
errors to root).

Myself, when I'll have succeeded to install FC2 on my laptop (hope to
test asap this new version after my previous fdisk problems), I'll
just remove sendmail and install postfix, but that is just my personal
preference. There are also much smaller/simpler/limited MTAs, like
(IIRC) ssmtp.

A bigger problem here, is that most MTAs today are packaged to use
SASL authentication and other stuff, so to _really_ save space you
should generate custom RPMs without those dependencies. If you don't
need authentication, of course. To know what I mean, run rpm
--requires sendmail*rpm.

> * GUI: How to startx?!

Easy... Install standard X rpms, or wait until kdrive is recompiled
for FC2 :-(

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