[RULE] Wishlist for Slinky

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at vum.at
Sun Oct 10 17:30:32 EEST 2004

Dear Santa Claus :-)

Ok this is mostly dedicated to Franz, since he is now in the stage of  
making new Slinkyversion. I thought it may be usefull to synchronize the  
many mails into one clear wishlist. Of course, this is my personal opinion  
and hopefully I do not forget the input from others - sorry if this should  
happen and feel free to corect me / add your opinion. For this list I will  
NOT repeat the reasons, arguments given for this wish, if it is already in  
some previous thread.

1. Sendmail should be optionaly (not mandatory)
2. Second-stage-floppy should be (optionaly?) replaced by an image loaded  
 from CDROM, nfs, ... whenever possible. (The only situation I can think  
of, where we need a floppy is if someone has so small bandwith, that  
he/she can not fetch the Slinky.iso but has got the Fedora-CDROMs  
physically on some way.) So for installmethode CDROM, the second-stage  
files should be optionally provided on floppy.
3. see attached file, line start with ##ingo
4. dhclient during install
5. list of removable pack. from simpaticus, can be done later I think

Regards, Ingo.
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