[RULE] (again) Updating RULE material for Slinky 0.4/FC2

M. Fioretti mfioretti
Sun Oct 10 20:51:50 EEST 2004

Hello everybody.

First of all, thanks to Franz and Ingo for all the work they are doing
in these days. Unfortunately, I cannot test it for now, since the only
available PC here is that laptop which gives the problems I reported
earlier (that is, no partition seen to install on). Right now, I am
also back to not reaching the RULE website. There is still something
fishy happening between my ISP DNS and the server.

Somebody asked here why not just wait for Fedora Core 3, which should
come in less than one month. Now, what is happening these days is kind
of like rebuilding the project from scratch. In this sense, the more
time we spend now to make a stable slinky for FC2 is all time gained
for FC3. Ideally, once the installer for FC2 is working/well
understood/well documented, we can:

1) announce it on the Fedora lists, luring a *lot* more developers and
   users to join and help
3) (theoretically) port it to FC3 in much less time than just waiting
   and starting again

All this leads your beloved coordinator (aka that boring, nagging guy
always lost in tedious questions) to repost the message below. In a
nutshell: please help me to document as completely as possible, on the
website, what you are doing in these days. Franz rightly wrote to me
off list that he doesn't know the URLs of the pages I mention
below. Since the website is unreachable again from here, I cannot
provide the "source text" mentioned below. Can somebody post the
precise URLs of those two pages? Ingo, can you access their source
text and edit them with your password?

Thank you in advance,

On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 19:06:58 PM +0200, io  mfioretti 
> On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 00:43:19 AM +0200, Franz Zahaurek  fzk at fzk.at 
> wrote:
> > I am still waiting for Marco to add the docs he requested from me
> > and disks I provided to the rule-project site.
> > 
> Gulp. After partially recovering from a huge shame attack, Marco
> pleads 100% guilty of this charge. I must confess that I don't know
> right now in which mail folder of mine that stuff is. Please accept my
> apologies. See below, however.
> > In parallel I try to get more web-space so I can provide the whole
> > devel-tarball to create a bootable slinky-CD for FC2. I would like
> > better if this could take place on the rule-project site.
> Absolutely right. Now:
> 1) whatever you sent me some weeks ago, is probably superseded by the
>    recent development
> 2) The slinky customization guide (A) and the RULE install guide (B)
>    need updating anyway.
> 3) Ingo has the password to add content to the website (not files to
>    the download area though)
> So, when it comes to image files, ISO images, big tarballs and such,
> if Franz can put them somewhere online, and post the checksums on
> list, I will ssh to the server and copy everything to the download
> area from there. After that the temporary copies can be deleted.
> Now, about documentation. As I see it, the two documents above need
> updating so that:
> a) if anybody wants to rebuild slinky from scratch (ie using just (A)
>    and source code of busybox, rpm and what not), he or she can, using
>    only that document. And that any 3rd party developer of vum:BOX and
>    similar knows where to hack what.
> b) The install guide is updated for FC2, so a complete RULE newcomer
>    can install FC2 with it
> Practically speaking, this means to get the source text version of
> those two pages, add to them whatever needs adding, and formatting
> the result according to SPIP guidelines. Ingo can get the source
> text, having the password. If you need it directly, just ask it to
> me off list. I can do the final editing and formatting without
> problems once it is in the system.
> Thanks again for your help,
>        Marco
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