[RULE] Testing in Greece

David david.jamison1 at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 13 08:22:51 EEST 2004

Richard Kweskin wrote:

>Hello All
>Those members who recall (groan!) my several false starts and accompanied announcements are totally justified in ignoring this latest message. :)
>A lab has been setup in Athens, Greece with testing old computers by newbies as one of its ongoing tasks. Monday, 18 October will be its first proper day.
>The intent is to involve young and old, mainly newcomers to GNU/Linux, in the entire process so that 1 - they find out what is GNU/Linux, 2 - the RULE project can get feedback from "how easy is this?" from all sorts, 3 - a farm of old machines (nearly 60 at last count) can either be made to be useful or thrown away to reduce the heap.
>Personally, I have only had experience with r.h.9 with RULE and am willing to run parallel attempts with it while exploring fc 2 and later 3 (watch this space!)
>Original home page of the RULE project: www.rule-project.org
>Rule-list at rule-project.org
This sounds great!

Certainly the "way to go" as far as learning Linux goes.  As far as the 
RULE project is concerned using old PC's that are not "mission critical" 
means installs can be undertaken over and over again.  This is the way I 
learnt most about Linux and I would give full encouragement to this 

I would make the following comments (other of course may have different 

1. At the outset get Linux running and worry about GUI's later
2. A good reference book for Red Hat is Learning Red Hat Linux by Billy 
McCarty published by O'Reilly.  Obviously the installation procedure 
will differ but the RULE website covers the Slinky Install (print this 
3. As an aim or a project try networking two boxes together with a 
crossover cable .  This would give users a goal rather than just get an 
install done and then wonder what to do next!
4. Post to the RULE mailing list if things dont seem to want to go the 
way they should :-)

Ill look forward to hearing how this all goes s it sounds an excellent idea

All the best


Original home page of the RULE project: www.rule-project.org
Rule-list at rule-project.org

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