[RULE] INSTALL Doku for Slinky 0.4.x - very DRAFT!!

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at vum.at
Sat Oct 16 08:52:49 EEST 2004

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 23:35:44 +0200, Ingo Lantschner <ingo.lists at vum.at>  

> I made some progress with minimal-install-"Ansatz" - my be it will work  
> as we sad. I will report in more detail tomorrow (hopefully).

So here is what I did (braindump - so minor typos may be possible):

1. Installed FC3-test3 on a PII/128 MB. During install I choosed "Minimal"
2. Booted newly installed system and run
	# rpm -qa > fc-test3-minimal-packages
3. To get the filenames:
	$ mount /mnt/cdrom (mounting FC3-test3 Disc 1)
	$ ls /mnt/cdrom/Fedora/RPMS | grep -f fc-test3-minimal-packages >  
4. To integrate it into Slinky-devel-tree (which must be downloaded and  
unpacked before):
	# cd <slinky-devel-tree>... DISK2/second_stage_scripts/3
	# rm <any package-list>
	# cp .../fc-test3-minimal-rpms ./base_packages_disc1
5. Make the disks
	# makedisk.sh
	# makedisk2.sh

The result:
Slinky boots up fine, connection to nfs fine, starts to install the  
packages in *alphabetical order* - this is a result of the ls in step 3.)  
above. Many errors with pre- and post-scripts reported during setup.  
Anyway, setup finishes.

First reboot hangs at "Li" - I guess Lilo was not correctly installed due  
to the errors before.

I guess, the root-cause is: Since Slinky installs the packages one by one  
and with the --nodep packages whoch are needed to install other packages  
are not in place when needed.

Possible solution: instead of
				rpm pkg1
				rpm pkg2

			I suggest: rpm pkg1 pkg2 etc.

Fran, do you think you can change slinky in that way? Any other idea, how  
to sort the files in fc-test3-minimal-rpms into the correct order?

I send you my tree offlist - TIA Ingo.

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