[RULE] New attempt at "minimal install", now using Fedora Core 3, Release Candidate 5

Ingo Lantschner (Lists) ingo.lists at vum.at
Sun Oct 31 23:17:27 EET 2004

M. Fioretti wrote:

> xorg (ie kdrive, IIRC?) and cups are needed for desktop usage, so at
> least in that case we don't want to remove them

there are situations, where cups is not necesary: A classroom, not 
networked, where only one (the best) PC is connected to a printer. All 
other put there files on a floppy and bring this to the "printserver" - 
so called "sportshoe-network" :-) This is reallity in College Abbe Loya 
in Kinshasa f.e. works fine ;-)

Although the above sounds a bit like a joke, there is a serious kernel 
in it: I would recomend to follow the minimal-install aproach from 
Rodolfo, since we have then minmal-base for both server and desktop. 
Desktop related stuff can be postinstalled by a script run automatically 
at the end of slinky. Just my HO.

Regards, Ingo.

Ingo Lantschner
T (+43-1) 59 55 766
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