[RULE] cdrom mount problem

Graeme Jones gjones at gjassociates.com
Fri Nov 12 05:55:30 EET 2004

I installed Redhat 9 on an old Pentium computer using the Slinky installer.
Everything went fine and I am using Linux now on that old machine.  I have
one problem:  I cannot mount the cdrom, which is odd because I installed
Redhat 9 from the cd... so obviouslly it was able to mount the cdrom during
the installation process (in fact I saw the command "mount /dev/hdc
/mnt/cdrom" during the install).

Here are the errors I get when I attempt to mount the cdrom:

I've tried burning a CD on another computer, explicitly specifying the ISO
9660 (level 2) format, and then specifying the "-t iso9660" option in the
mount command line, with the same problem as above.  So it's not a file
system format issue.

Anybody know why the mount succeeded during the install process, but fails
later after installation?
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