[RULE] cdrom mount problem

Richard Kweskin rkwesk at hellug.gr
Fri Nov 12 15:26:34 EET 2004

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 11:52:32 +0100
"Ingo Lantschner (Lists)" <ingo.lists at vum.at> wrote:
> Graeme Jones wrote:
> > hdc: ATAPI 8X CD-ROM, ..., DMA
> > hdc: DMA interrupt recovery
> > hdc: lost interrupt
> > hdc: lost interrupt
> > hdc: timeout waiting for DMA
> > hdc: timeout waiting for DMA
> > hdc: (__ide_dma_test_irq) called while not waiting
> sounds familar to me, have a look into the vumBOX-handbook
> (http://www.rule-project.org/breve.php3?id_breve=6)
> Here is an excerpt:
> 11. Troubleshooting&Tipps
> *>>During setup (or during normal use) you have problems writing or 
> reading from the harddrive or CD-ROM.
> The machine may have proplems with DMA. During startup try to hit 
> immediatly when the OS-selection-screen opens Ctrl+x and start Linux 
> with the option 'ide=nodma'
> (Type at the prompt: linux ide=nodma )
> *>>My computer can not use DMA on the CD-ROM but the harddrive would 
> profit from the performancewin DMA allows. How can I enable DMA on my 
> harddisk and disable it on the CD-ROM?
> Make sure to start your computer with DMA turned on (do not type linux 
> ide=nodma) There are files in /etc/sysconfig which control 
> HD-parameters. Provided that your harddisk is hda and the CD-ROM is hdc 
> you must do:
> # vi /etc/sysconfig/harddiskhda
> add the line: 'USE_DMA=1' and save the file (ESC :wq)
> # vi /etc/sysconfig/harddiskhdc
> add the line: 'USE_DMA=0' and save the file (ESC :wq)
> After rebooting the system you can check the DMA-status with
> # /sbin/hdparm -i /dev/hda
> Good luck, and let us know if it worked out.
> -- 
> Ingo Lantschner

I don't know about the original poster but I thank you, Ingo, as I had a similar need and hadn't known where to put the parameters. Now my system performs much better.


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