[RULE] slinky-0.4.06 for FC3

Franz Zahaurek fzk at fzk.at
Wed Nov 17 21:56:06 EET 2004

Hello Richard,

Richard Kweskin <rkwesk hellug gr> writes:

> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 02:43:03 +0100
> Franz Zahaurek <fzk at fzk.at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> see http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/ to try the RULE slinky installer for the
>> final Fedora FC3.  It can install a minimal set of rpm-packages as
> [...]
> I have just started testing using Slinky 0.4.5 and fc3 test3. In
> order to use Slinky 0.4.6, should I first get a later version of
> fc3?  I can't download fc3 myself but others here with broadband
> [...]

Regarding a Slinky-Test there are not so many differences between
installing FC3-test3 and FC3.

But you also could take the Slinky-0.4.06-devel tree and replace the
RPM-GPG-KEYs and the package-lists all_packages.disc[1234] with the
corresponding files from Slinky-0.4.05 that refer to FC3-test3.
Then make a new boot floppy with makedisk.sh.

One thing that I already wanted to add is the ability to read the
package-lists not only from the booting-system but also from an
external device.

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