[Rule] Using Slinky on Thinkpad 750P (was: Introduction)

Chris Schumann chris at idlelion.net
Sat Feb 17 17:18:28 EET 2007

> Franz Zahaurek
> Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2007 5:51 AM
> Hi Chris,

Hello Franz!

> "Chris Schumann" <chris at idlelion.net> writes:
> > When I press enter, I get this:
> > atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (raw set 2, code 0x11c on
> isa0060/serio0).
> > atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes 1c <keycode>' to make it known.

> You are lost if every key leads to the same error.  So you
> cannot even do the setkeycodes hint. (Btw.: Does the message
> read "code 0x11c" or "code 0x1c"?)

The message reads exactly as above. The first line says 0x11c and the second
says 1c.

> As you can type: linux floppy=thinkpad at the LILO-Prompt,
> try to add the following kernel-parameters. They are
> described in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt in the
> linux-source tree.
>       atkbd.reset=    [HW] Reset keyboard during initialization
> Maybe this should be set to 1 or left blank.
>       atkbd.set=      [HW] Select keyboard code set
>                       Format: <int> (2 = AT (default), 3 = PS/2)
> Try the 3 because the kernel message says: raw set 2, which
> doesn't work.

OK. Here I go. Trying "linux floppy=thinkpad atkbd.reset=1 atkbd.set=3"

It worked! Now I have to figure out how to get the network up.

I tried it again without atkbd.reset and it still worked.

> Please notice:
> Slinky has no hardware-detection at all - it only uses
> whatever the LINUX kernel detects.  There are only very few
> but common drivers compiled into the booting kernel.  Have a
> look at /proc/config.gz of a running Slinky to see how the
> boot-kernel is configurated.
> You can safely do a boot with the Slinky boot-floopy on a
> "more standardized" computer than your 750P is, open a shell
> or switch to the second virtual console <ALT>-<F2> and do:
> gzip -dc /proc/config.gz (Scroll back with <SHIFT>-<pgup> or
> pipe thru a pager).
> If you really need changes to this configuration, you must
> compile a new kernel with these settings changed. Then copy
> this kernel to the Slinky-development-tree and create a new
> Slinky-boot-floppy.

All great information. I think I'm going to play around today and see what I
can get to happen... unless another project demands my time.

Thank you for the tips,

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