[Rule] RULE on a 750P

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 18 22:24:28 EET 2007

Hi Chris:

Chris Schumann wrote:
>> Franz Zahaurek wrote:
>> disk2.img and pcmcia.img are rather old ones and will not 
>> work together with the latest Slinky versions.
>> Take the modules for slinky-0.5.05a / kernel-2.6.15 from:
>>       http://www.fzk.at/SLINKY/slinky-0.5.05-modules.img.bz2
>> It also holds the axnet_cs.ko module.
> What kind of file is that, and how do I get drivers from it?
Is a bzip'ed ext2 image. First you need to extract it, then
mount it using a loop device. Once extracted, you could burn
that image file on to a cdrom, and mount it from within slinky.

>>> [...]
>>> + /scripts/pcmcia.sh start
>>> Module directory </lib/modules/2.6.9/k.......> not found. 
>> No kidding. 
>>> I'm using the 2.6.15 kernel.

Edit the script, replace 2.6.9  with 2.6.15

>> It seems that most questions to this list are about using 
>> slinky with pcmcia.  Unfortunately I don't know how to handle 
>> this correct. (didn't ever use it, have no hardware to 
>> test...)  When I published new versions of the slinky 
>> installer I didn't necessarily remove the old scripts - maybe 
>> somebode can still use them.
> Should I examine how to get the script to work with the latest, or would you
> recommend that I install an older version and update?

Sorry, I don't have any laptops, so that I can't help with that.
>>> [...]
>>> insmod: cannot insert 
>> '/mnt/floppy/modules/pcmcia/axnet_cs.o': Invalid 
>>> module format (-1): Exec format error
>> Kernel 2.6 modules are called *.ko not *.o.
>>> So it looks like the driver is not for this kernel.
>>> Pointers or tips on how to proceed GREATLY appreciated.

When you mount the module floppy or image file, use /lib/modules as the
mount point, the pcmcia script is looking for the modules in
/lib/modules/2.6.9/...., and modprobe then should work.
That is the reason to edit the pcmcia script, as above.
That will save you from making directories, and copying the modules.

>> Sorry, no tip but a wish:
>> It would be fine if you can find out how to activate the pcmcia-card.
>> Then please post the solution here and I will add it to Slinky.
> Well I guess that answers it. When/if I get time, I'll look into this.
> Since Fedora 7 is coming soon (test 1 is already out), is there a project to
> update RULE to that level?
I've been playing around a little bit....

> Chris
Good luck, Chris


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