[Rule] What's Next?

chris at idlelion.net chris at idlelion.net
Wed Aug 22 17:13:49 EEST 2007

Hey all,

I was really excited to find Rule Project. I think it's an excellent idea.

I'm also seriously disheartened at the apparent lack of activity in this 
community, including my own. :)

Now there well may be activity, but it's not apparent, and it would seem 
to me that if there's no activity in a project, it wouldn't be prudent to 
spend your time on it unless you want to do everything alone.

So, in an effort to nudge things along, I impart some energy, and 
hopefully, some of you will too, we all get excited about the project 
again, some more people join, a critical mass is reached and everything 
gets easier and easier. I'd like EVERY ONE of us to step up and tell us 
all what you'd like to see done next, and how we can help get us there.

Can someone let me know how many subscribers this list has?

What needs to be done to move things along? Coding? Packaging? Testing? 
Writing? Web work?

As a relative newcomer, I see some things on the web site that could be 
better, and I'm willing to do some work, but I'd like to know what the 
rest of you think about what the next steps should be.

As to what I have to offer: I'm a programmer, still most comfortable in C. 
I have an old ThinkPad with a 486, an unsupported video chip, sound that's 
never worked in Linux and a pen interface. I can run tests, make and 
update bug reports. I think I write well, if a little dryly. I know Ruby 
and Rails.

I know we're all busy these days. Full time jobs, homes, families, other 
obligations all take time. If my work gets used and appreciated, this 
hobby will become one of the more fun ones for me, and I'll give more time 
to it.

Join me.


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