[Rule] Whither RULE?

Phil Rhoades phil at pricom.com.au
Thu Aug 23 15:00:05 EEST 2007


On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 19:27 +0800, C David Rigby wrote:


> Suggestions:
> OK: the obvious one, which is the reality check: RULE/slinky has
> outlived its usefulness on all fronts, and should be retired. NOTE:
> this is the point where everyone is supposed to vehemently insist that
> I am quite mistaken. 

Besides the original, major (worthwhile) goal for RULE I think there is
also a (much smaller) potential use for installing minimal guest systems
on Xen machines.


>      1. Change our goals for slinky. Make it truly an alternate
>         installer to Anaconda that has as it's goal an installation of
>         Fedora that is even more minimal than the standard minimal
>         Fedora installation. Or simply a lighter-weight installer for
>         a full Fedora installation, which would look a lot like the
>         Fedora Core floppy project described at
>         http://www.thisiscool.com/fcfloppy.htm.

This is also a bit dated now - from my point of view it would be good to
have an up-to-date Fedora slinky . . 


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