[Rule] Debian install without cd

Richard Kweskin rkwesk at hellug.gr
Sat Aug 25 14:12:38 EEST 2007

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007 16:57:26 +0200
"C David Rigby" <c.david.rigby at gmail.com> wrote:

> To that end, we should probably amplifier and clarify what Richard and I
> worked out earlier. Looking back at it, it is pretty darn terse. Works for
> those of us in the know, but possibly it's too brief for a newcomer. That
> sort of improvement can be incremental, though - no need to delay getting
> started.
> Richard, do you want to start or shall I?

Hello All

I am unfamiliar with the story form you mentioned. Also, we are in the throws of an hysterical and criminal wave of arson and I can see a dark cloud formed by smoke even from where I sit now. So long as there is no immediate threat I will stay and write up my bit more carefully for a newbie to do, though I fear that anything less than booting from a cd or dvd to install is already in the realm of being "off limits" for this group.

What I have been trying to achieve is a reasonably easy approach (for me) to install a useable system and then pass it on.

So, the short answer for David is "go ahead and start and I can pass text along by mail to get pasted in when I can."


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