[Rule] Slinky installer, lifecycle reached end?

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Sat Sep 15 13:26:22 EEST 2007

Sorry for answering so late, let's continue the discussion, please

On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 07:28:07 AM +0200, C David Rigby
 c.david.rigby at gmail.com  wrote:

> I agree with you on this, mostly because I see the main fedora
> becoming less sustainable on resource constrained machines the
> further it develops.

as I mentioned in previous posts in August, no real problem for me, as
long as the alternative still gives the lightest possible graphical
desktop which can use at least opendocument texts, handle digitally
signed email, browse HTML4 websites

> 1. Is a "slimmed-down" version of fedora 7 itself still possible or
> desirable?

it would for me, which unfortunately cannot do it myself. But still,
in the sense explained above, it's not a religious need :-)

>  2. Other uses for slinky, such as setting up a VM-hosted OS, have been
>     proposed. Given that slinky now sets up a very minimal system for which the
>     user must still install applications, maybe slinky becomes an installer and
>     /or script(s) for retrieving packages from the repositories to configure a
>     basic end user (or server/appliance/whatever) system?

This would be great

>  3. Maybe slinky should evolve towards using ISO, USB or other media
>  as its delivery platform? Should we follow the trend of dropping
>  floppy support?

What we must do is "whatever we have the ability to do". The problem
of old systems is that they don't have USB, so if we can't support

> It does seem to me that there is a divergence, and that ultimately one tool
> cannot span both:
>  1. A fedora-based, slinky-descended installer/configurator for P5+ systems (
>     http://fedoraproject.org/release-notes/RELEASE-NOTES-en_US/
>     sn-ArchSpecific.html )
>  2. An installer for a less-than P5+ system that is resource constrained due to
>     lack of bootable CD, low RAM, restricted HDD storage, etc.

yes, I think you're right. Further thoughts? 

On a related note, thanks for the latest additions to the website from
Franz, CDR and Richard to the website? What do other members think?


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